I’m Worried About My Baby’s Movements

Trust your instincts! If you are worried your baby is moving less than usual, don’t wait! Have your baby checked immediately by your doctor, your midwife or at the hospital.

The maternity ward of the hospital is open 24 hours a day. There is no reason to wait. The staff is there for you. You will not bother anyone. It is better to have gone for nothing than to not go at all.

When you report a decrease in your baby’s movements, or if you do not perceive six movements in an interval of 2 hours, you should receive a complete evaluation to ensure your baby’s well-being. Insist on having a non-stress test and/or biophysical profile.

In some cases, a baby in distress can also have sudden fluttering or brisk, almost violent movements or can start moving abnormally. In all cases, don’t hesitate to consult!


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